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The Hutchinson stopper top was
patented in 1879 and Hutchinson
bottles were used well into teens
and probably well into the 1920's.
The Brunswick, GA Coca-Cola Hutch
wasn't even produced until the early
1900's.  Hutch bottles were used for
over 40 years, 4 decades of usage.
Obviously, there was overlap with
blob top and crown top bottles.

My Hutch bottle collecting;
What I collect

I've been collecting Hutchinson bottles from the state of Georgia for about a year now.  Collecting bottles is not rocket science, it's just bottle collecting.  To put together a nice collection it takes time to research the type of bottles that you want to collect, it takes focus, and it takes a little luck.

My goal in Hutch bottle collecting is to learn more about my state, it's geography and history, also, to have fun and put together a collection that is enjoyable, profitable, and a good investment.  I buy, sell, and collect Hutchinson bottles.

My goal is NOT to own an example of every Hutch ever made in Georgia.  My goal is to invest part of the profits made from buying and selling Hutch bottles in other Hutch bottles that form a collection and investment.

I want my collection to be one of the best quality collections, not one of the largest collections.  If I can acquire bottles in very good condition that are pleasing to look upon as they set on a shelf basking in well placed lighting, and know that the bottles have a stable long-term value, then I've done what I set out to do.

I don't want each and every bottle no matter the condition.  I don't want bottles that are just decent looking.  I want really nice looking bottles, not the most, but some of the best.  Also, I want to know that I did not overpay for the bottle just so that I could have bragging rights and rub it in on everyone that doesn't have that particular bottle.  I just want a nice selection of bottles from a wide range of Georgia towns, and all in very nice condition, and acquired in trades or for very good prices.  I also don't want to rob widows or throw buddies in front of a train in order to acquire a bottle, as is the custom with most bottle collectors.

I want the collection to be a fairly liquid asset, not a financial boondoggle.  I want an investment, not an assembly of bottles worth less than they cost me.

But, the bottom line is, that I don't want every tiddley one, just a nice assortment of very nice ones in very nice condition.
(no scratches, no cracks, no chips, no bruises, no replaced tops, not cloudy or dirty looking)

So, I DO want one of every Georgia Hutch that is in excellent condition and not over-priced.

I'm not in LOVE with my bottles, but I enjoy collecting them, just as I enjoy running my online retail websites and running my other businesses.  You don't have to LOVE what you collect, it is okay to simply enjoy collecting, especially if what you collect has monetary value and is a good investment.

There is no "THE HOBBY" as far as bottle collecting.  There are however a few hundred hobbyists all with different interests and goals, and there are more than a normal share of crooks and creeps that call themselves bottle collectors.  But, I'm not concerned at all with the others, only me and my reasons for collecting Hutchinson bottles.  I do have friends who collect, and I always try to help friends, but I dare say that in general this isn't a friendly hobby.

So, that's what I collect, quality, not quantity.  I don't want every single one, and I am not going to have every single one. Who I am does not depend on how many bottles I have.  My self-worth does not depend on my bragging rights.

So to conclude, if you have a really nice looking Georgia Hutch for sale at a really good price, give me a call, or if you are looking to purchase a Georgia Hutch, give me a call, I have a nice selection of duplicates for sale.



1. I don't have to have every GA Hutch ever made
2. But, if it's a GA Hutch and in excellent condition, and not over-priced, then, I want it.
3. I'm not in love with my collection, but I enjoy collecting.
4. I buy sell, and collect bottles.

If you have an emotional attachment to your bottles, ... get help.  If you enjoy people and the act of collecting, keep it up.



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