Sam Evans' Antique Bottle Collecting Site
3rd Annual Athens, Georgia
Antique Bottle & Pottery
Show & Sale

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- Many thanks to those of you who
participated in the last 3 shows !!
The 3rd show was the final show.
I appreciate you all very much, and
thanks for making the last show the
best of the 3 bottle & pottery shows -

And, thankhs to all of you who call, email,
and visit me each day.  You are helping me
add to my bottle collection at the average of
2 bottles per day this year.  That's a lot
when there are so few botles that I'm looking
for at this stage in my bottle collecting.
Keep, calling, emailing, and
visiting. I've gotten some great, rare, superb
bottles through you folks finding me through
this website.  Thanks, please keep it up!!!!


706 613-0224 Georgia bottle hotline


Tallahassee, Florida
Bottle Show & Sale
June 21, 2014
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Got Questions? Email
or Call
Phone 706 613-0224