Repaired Bottles

Franken-bottles, the Frankenstein Monster bottle

First of all, a piece of another bottle glued onto your bottle
is not a repair.  It is a replaced part.  Unless the bottle is so
perfectly fixed so that you cannot tell it from a mint state bottle
then it is not repaired.  I have never seen a broken bottle that
anyone was able to make look like mint, ever, and never will.

Replacing parts on a bottle, such as using epoxy or glue to
adhere the top off of one bottle to another actually ruins the
bottle and devalues it to practically nill.  I've seen some that
were glued on that do not look horrible, but this still devalues
the bottle.  Also, at some point in time, the part will fall off after
the glue or epoxy reaches a certain age.  I've als seen some really
horrible looking bottles with crooked necks, mismatched parts,
and glue smeared all about on the surface of the bottle.  YUCK !
Why would anyone think this helps the bottle?  This is called
irrational thinking.  A rhetorical question; why would anyone
want such a Frankenstein-looking creature of a bottle?  Go figure.

Cutting off a broken neck from a bottle and gluing on a neck
from another bottle, usually not matching, and usually not straight,
does not enhance the value or appearance.  I would rather have a
bottle with a chipped lip than a bottle with a replaced top any day.

Don't be lazy, just find a nice bottle to start with and forget Franken-bottles.
If you think that you'll never find a specific bottle so you need to settle for a
Franken-bottle, then never say never.  You really do not know what you will
find, but if you settle for a Franken-bottle, you'll probably stop looking and will
certainly not find the nice bottle that you really want.  If a bottle is broken it still has
some value, but if you glue pieces of a bottle together, it has NO value.

I assume that if you are reading this that you are a bottle collector, so, why not
collect the best, why collect something that looks like a child made it up at play-time
with a bottle of glue and some random pieces of glass.  And, yes, I have seen bottles
that looked that bad advertised as professionally repaired.  Remember, replacing
parts is not repairing, it's devaluing and degrading the bottle. Franken-bottles are
not cool !


A bottle with the entire top missing is
more valuable and collectible than a bottle
with a top glued on to it, ALWAYS.........